Making data and insight the foundation of effective strategy

Making data and insight the foundation of strategy

Harnessing data and turning it into insight is one of the biggest differentiators in todays economy. Data has the power to change how business is done.

You've got multiple channels, including digital. That means lots of data. Some you didn't even realise you had. And at the same time, the analytics and marketing capabilities to use that data are growing. From predicting behaviour to personalising customer journeys, the opportunities are huge - and growing.

Data Management

Managing & governing data in a world where volume, variety and velocity is increasing is the first challenge. We can support:

  • Building your data roadmap
  • SCV and Big Data Strategy design & build
  • Data governance process


Data Science & Analytics

The application of analytics across marketing and customer experience are broad and deep. We can support:

  • Relationships between the key customer & P&L levers
  • Analytics briefs to drive out new insight
  • Advice on build, deployment and maintenance of models
  • Permanent team build if new resources are required

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a cvm people case study

A gaming and lottery client's first Chief Data Office (CDO) believed utilising player data could drive significant revenue.

The client wanted to know what value it would bring & what capability was needed. We designed the ‘Player Relationships’ strategy, built the business case and obtained approval from the UK board. we then implemented the “Big Data” platform that can be leveraged across markets – and recruited the Data Science team transition into ‘Business as Usual’.

Data Science and Analytics

Steve Appleton

Consulting & Capability

"Envisaging a commercial outcome without understanding the data and technology needed is commonplace.

As in standing up capability without that vision in place first. We bridge that gap for clients - lowering risk of restarts and getting to the benefits faster."

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