Skills to truly realise the potential value in your data

Insight & Analytics

Strong insight & analytics professionals bring together insight from various sources to inform decision making. They are proactive in nature, rather than only reacting to business questions. As well as the necessary technical skills, they build strong stakeholder relationships, and are able to grasp the commercial context of the problem being solved.

Whilst market research most often sits within marketing, analytics and reporting skillsets are increasingly applied across all functions.

Examples from our clients are:

  • customer segmentation and insight
  • credit & risk
  • marketing and CRM campaigns
  • finance
  • supply chain & logistics
  • operations and customer service
  • HR and People
  • manufacturing

client side experience

between our leadership team & associate consultants we have decades of experience in a broad set of commercial and technology disciplines

Some examples prior to joining CVM People are:


Building analytical models into marketing activity, with the business change to move from broadcast activity to targeted 1:1 interactions for acquisition, growth & retention.


Building behavioural, value, and needs based segmentations to drive out greater insight into the customer base to shape customer strategy.

Machine Learning:

Using machine learning to predict abnormal behaviour in the customer base for fraud detection and identifying excessive spending behaviour.

a cvm people case study

A leading fashion retailer had built a enviable data asset, but was not making the most of it.

We were engaged to recruit their first data science function. We designed the team structure, job descriptions and undertook a search for the data science skills We ran joint interviews alongside the client to cover both technical assessment as well as cultural fit. The client ended up with a peer leading capability.

the boundaries between analytics, data science & MI are blurring.

From a much longer list, the following are example toolset profiles we can resource: