Accelerate customer growth with data & marketing technology.

CVM People Customer Value Growth

Only our approach can integrate consulting,
delivery & resourcing to unlock value fast.

With focused, practical expertise, our end-to-end model delivers change that sticks.

customer value growth. focused,
practical expertise.

Our target outcome for clients is growth in customer value. We help brands organise and use data to make decisions, and automate technology to execute them. There’s a lot of pieces to that puzzle of course. Our 9 box capability model reflects the building blocks that make up effective management of your customer base.

In the sense of being customer and insight led, nothing has changed since the days of direct mail and database marketing. Yet there’s been a rapid change in technology and the art of the possible. This has had huge implications for capability needed in an organisation – from marketing right through to technology.

Our leadership team has been built specifically to offer expertise in these areas. Each from a clientside background of a decade plus, they are best placed to offer direct expertise, and build teams of practitioners to help you realise your opportunity.