We help secure clients with a unique partnership offering

specialist PSL partners for the new in-demand talent

We’ve built a new recruitment model that blends client-side subject matter expertise with decades in resourcing. In the new areas of data, technology & marketing, our leadership team has been there and done it client-side.  That gives us an unsurpassed ability to understand the brief, engage the candidate, and know what good looks like.

We enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Recruitment Process Outsource (RPOs) to become more effective in day-to-day operations, and help secure clients with a unique partnership offering.

how we help MSP’s & RPO’s

the role of MSPs and RPOs are of increasing importance to clients as the need to manage cost & risk increases.

Within client’s overall workforce strategy, quality & time-to-fill are also coming under focus particularly in the new in-demand areas of talent acquisition.

complementary quality resourcing

The most challenging roles are often the most critical to a client, as they are either commercially or strategically important. Our team comes from the same client-side background as the hiring managers and can talk peer-to-peer about their requirements. When it comes to candidate assessment, we then know exactly what good looks like. We offer permanent & interim services.

statement of work (SOW) provision –

End clients are increasingly entrusting MSPs / RPOs where a defined piece of work is to be undertaken. This reduces both the risk of resourcing practices that subvert process, and the cost of big traditional consultancies. We are highly experienced in scoping, resourcing and delivering statement of works. These can be white-labelled under the MSP/RPO as required.

statement of work (SOW) case study

a UK household automotive brand needed to overhaul their data management systems, technology & processes.

With the incumbent MSP, CVM People built a 9 strong team of project management, data architecture and business analysis skillsets to successfully deliver the change over a 12 month period. We were then asked to recruit the permanent team to run the new capability after the project was complete.

Hans Dixon

Partner, Commercial

Recruitment is unrecognisable from when I started my career.

Innovation such as outsourcing, ATS and professional networks have changed how the industry works. I think we've built the next significant innovation - a unique model that brings together subject expertise and resourcing. A model perfect for the new era of in-demand skills.

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A European household media brand had struggled to fill management roles in Business Intelligence.

The roles were critical to serving the business with insight, but were vacant for months due to the complex skillsets required. We were recommended into the MSP, who engaged us for our in-depth knowledge in this area. We quickly reshaped the briefs with the hiring manager and leveraged our specialist network to search. Our in-house practitioner team assessed the best candidates and had a 100% acceptance rate with the client.