A proactive and structured approach is required to deliver a targeted and credible candidate engagement

executive & leadership search for the new in-demand talent

Also known as ‘headhunting’ or ‘retained search’, for the very senior role searches within an organisation it makes sense to engage with a specialist partner. Whilst the following can be true for permanent recruitment, it is almost always true for executive search:

  • It is focused on securing a very limited skill or experience set
  • Candidates are often passive (not actively considering a move) and may have a proportion of remuneration maturing in future years
  • There are often confidentiality considerations that could be brand damaging or costly if broken
  • There is a need to operate to diversity guidelines for the shortlist within corporate governance

Our exec search approach:

This means a proactive and structured approach is required to deliver highly credible candidate engagement.


We will seek to understand in detail the difference between mandatory and ideal skills & experiences, as well as other aspects of the role. Of critical importance is a brief on the business context and opportunity, which allows us to engage candidates as a partner on a credible footing.


We will create a search proposal which outlines the team who will be undertaking the search, the search strategy in terms of target companies and geographies and rules of engagement for releasing role details. We will also produce a role description for sign if required.


In line with the agreed search strategy, we will begin executing candidate outreach via multiple channels. We will attempt all identified potentials, and leverage referrals where a candidate  is not interested or unsuitable.


Typically having been screened by a senior engagement lead, candidates will undertake a structured pre-designed interview with one of our directors. This will test the detail of agreed brief, as well as provide a sense of personality fit with the client organisation.


Typically down to 3 of the highest potential candidates, we will produce a cover sheet summary to accompany the candidates CV that explains fit with the role, motivations and remuneration.


The client then undertakes their own multi stage assessment. We can be part of this if required.


If the client requires we can handle referencing on their behalf. This typically involves 2 conversations of previous line managers (up to CEO level) who can validate the observed candidates skills, motivation and working style.


Often a critical time, if required we can manage the negotiation with the candidate, plus keep in contact through notice period and on-boarding.

search levels

VP, SVP & Head of


Commercial, P&L, Business Unit, Sales, Channel

Analytics, Insight, Data, IT


Directors & CxO

CMO/Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Director

CCO/Chief Commercial Officer/Commercial Director

CDO/Chief Digital Officer

CDO/Chief Data Officer

CDAO/Chief Data & Analytics Officer

CTO/Chief Technology Officer

CIO/Chief Information Officer

executive search case study

a worldwide telco and media brand was entering the fixed line sector in one of their European markets through M&A.

They required an SVP of marketing with a background that could accelerate the cultural shift of the organisation way from ‘mobile only’ and lead the development of household propositions and base cross-sell. With a preference for a consumer background and specific language requirements added into the mix, it was a narrow talent pool. We secured 3 bullseye candidates from 3 different geographies, leaving the client to lead assessment on cultural & personality fit.