Case Study: Data-driven player relationship management


  • The new Chief Data Officer (CDO) at our client believed that utilising player data could drive significant revenue
  • With little capability (tools and people) in place:
  • Where do you start?
  • What capability is needed? and
  • What value will it bring?



  • We re-shaped the Player Relationships strategy, and Identified the use cases that would deliver the biggest change
  • Built the business case for change and obtained approval from the UK board to the change programme
  • Managing the business and IT change programme on behalf of our client
  • Implementing a “Big Data” platform and an upgrade to the CRM capability to improve experience for players
  • Recruiting the Data Science team and transitioning from Programme to Business as Usual
  • Provide on-going strategic consulting to the CDO



  • The Player Relationships programme is central to making the client a more player centric organisation
  • Considerably deeper understanding of Player Behaviour
  • A platform that can be used across markets
  • Increased revenue from players with a subsequent increase in contribution to Good Causes
  • New Data Science and Behavioural Science team in-situ