Case Study: Assessment & Build of the Data Science team


  • Our client had a huge database of purchases and social media data from 50m+ Facebook followers but did nothing with the data.
  • New VP of Analytics wanted to assess the current skills and if needed, hire a new data science team to lead the change.
  • The existing team was fairly new to using data and there needed to be a solution that helped redefine roles and responsibilities.



  • We undertook an initial consulting project – creating a skills map and levels for their new data science capability.
  • We created role profiles that were required and enabled Burberry to make an internal assessment of the current skills they had.
  • The assessment led to a whole new team being required – simply the existing team had very few technical skills that were suitable.
  • The team needed to be young, dynamic and represent the Brand – cultural fit was very important.
  • We ran all interviews on-site with the HR team and jointly made recommendations to the VP of Analytics on each candidate.



  • The new data science team was recruited over a period of 6-8 weeks
  • The interview to hire ratio was 6 appointments from 9 interviews.
  • The new team has worked on some of the most exciting projects and social media analytics projects.
  • The team now works on global analytics projects and leads the use of data to personalise all aspects of the customer experience.