Case Study: Build of a CVM team for a Utilities brand


  • Our utilities client was going through a period of significant change
  • Director of Data & Insight was leaving the organisation and senior level guidance was required to define the Customer Value Management (CVM) operating model
  • Need to fill the gaps in the new team quickly and efficiently with experienced resources



  • Provided consultation to define the CVM operating model across both the Marketing and Data & Insight directorates
  • Supplied the interim Data & Insight Director and worked alongside them to drive a transition across the team to the new CVM Operating Model
  • Recruitment team provided an effective market search for key hires
  • Carried out an in-depth qualification and interview process on behalf of the client
  • Project completed in 8 weeks



  • On average 3 highly relevant CV’s were submitted per role to the client
  • A successful hire was achieved after an average of 3 interviews
  • All 13 roles placed
  • 100% of hires still in place (at July ‘17)