Case Study: Multi Channel Campaign
Management capability


  • Our clients Group Commercial team wanted to simplify and upgrade their campaign tool capability in most markets they operate.
  • CVM and Digital worked in silos and data was often disparate that led to inconsistent customer experiences per channel.
  • Different markets with different technology stacks was inefficient and a convergence roadmap was required.



  • CVM People built a small project team (project manager, solution architect, business lead, business analysts) .
  • Designed and delivered an RFI across 20 vendors with 6 lead markets to build out a set of critical future use cases.
  • Ran the selection process to reduce vendors to 4 for RFP.
  • Designed a future architecture for each vendor and a market roadmap.
  • Assessed each of the final 4 vendors through a Proof of Concept to test each vendor against each use case.
  • Built the business case and supported the client’s procurement team through negotiation process.



  • Successfully aligned all markets on the same vision and transition path
  • 2 markets have started deploying the solution and 3 other markets will start implementation in the next 6 months.
  • Removal of CVM and Digital silos with one solution covering: Call Centre, Web, App, eMail, CRM, SMS, personalised pricing, NBA.
  • CVM People continue to support the client with change programmes across CVM and Digital organisations.